How to Quit Smoking! Just Do It

Giving-up smoking is not as hard as
Deciding to give-up smoking.

 Even though you will find NRT products on we believe the best, fastest and most affordable way to kick the habit is Cold Turkey.

Cold turkey quitting can be a 3 step process.

Step 1: Pick a quit date that means something to you – your birthday for example.

Step 2: Do Not have any Nicotine product on that date.

Step 3: Come back to this site, it will make more sense to you and will help you stay on track by reminding you why you should stay in Quitting mode.

It’s not as easy as it looks, but it has the highest quit success rate of any other quit method.

Smoking Bans From 100 Towns
and Cities Around the World

  • Have you ever wondered what the law says about smoking in a car with a child also in the car?
  • True or False: You can be sent to prison for smoking in a public place. The answer is on the Smoking Bans page

  • Smoking News

    • SMARTPHONES are on the brink of helping Smokers diagnose conditions from pneumonia to asthma and even heart problems in children...
    • Plain packs law passed ...

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    Nicotine Lozenge

    Find out about the Nicotine Lozenge and other NRT Products.

    Black Gum Disease or just Plain Old Gum Disease

    Black gum disease is an acute scenario. Several danger factors happen to be recognized for this necrotizing condition and could include the following: viruses, autoimmune disorders, HIV, tension, insufficient nutrition and smoking...

    Look around the Quit Smoking Class site, get the facts that show quitting is the right choice. There's also plenty of ideas about how you can quit and interesting info gets added on a regular basis. You're also welcome to - Add a picture or story for others to see, In Here. Quit tips can be added by anyone, even you.

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    QuitSmoking Blog

    The QuiySmoking Blog is for smokers trying to Stop Smoking, recent Quit News, World Smoking Bans, Latest Quit Techniques, Readers views and more from

    Bad Breath? Try These Tips To Help Overcome Smelly or Bad Breath

    Following are steps individuals who fight chronic bad breath may take to assist or relieve the issue:...

    Diabetes Research

    Diabetes research in relation to nicotine from smoking has now released some findings.

    gum disease

    Nearly all periodontal Black gum disease or gum illnesses are progressive in which they begin with early irritation recognized as reversible gingivitis

    Lung Cancer Symptoms

    Here are some lung cancer symptoms and a way you can get rid of them and live a happier, healthier life.

    smoking during pregnancy

    Smoking during pregnancy can lead to a plethora of health risks to both the mother and the fetus.

    Smoking Marijuana During Pregnancy

    In regard to smoking marijuana during pregnancy. There is some evidence that cannabis may compromise female fertility with a modest association reported between cannabis use and infertility...

    The Oral Effects of Smoking

    If you smoke, Do you know what to look for when it comes to Effects of Smoking & Your Oral Health Care. Things like Gum Disease, Tongue Cancer or Stained Smokers Teeth. can help.

    Why Quit Smoking?

    Why Quit Smoking. It's a Big Question here's one of the many answers. A smoker wrote - My kids made faces every time they saw the pack. They thought the diseases on the pack would happen to me.

    Quit Smoking Products

    Quitting may not be easy. Quit Smoking Products are addictive and it is easier to quit smoking with help. There is a range of medical products available that can double your chances of success.

    The Chantix Method

    Chantix helps you outsmart cigarettes by acting in your brain in two ways ...

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening methods you may have not yet seen.

    Ex-smokers Quit Methods

    Use the Ex-Smokers Quit Method Page to post Your Quit Method It could help others to quit smoking.

    Quit Smoking Hypnosis

    Does quit smoking hypnosis really work, we have a cross-section of some that did & some that did not.

    Live To 100

    Live to 100: seven tips to add decades to your lifespan

    Non-Smoker Storyboard

    Are you a Non-Smoker living with a Smoker or is there somthing you would like to share with Smokers.

    QuitSmoking Tips

    QuitSmoking Tips on video

    Smoking Bans | laws for smoking in public | cigarette bans by country

    This is a list of smoking bans by country. Compare other countries Smoking Bans from Albania to Zambia and everything in-between.

    Smoking News From Around the World

    Smoking News. This is a great spot for any Smoking related News and newly released Smoking Laws in various parts of the world.

    History of tobacco

    The History of Tobacco dates back from its usages in the early Americas. It became increasingly popular with the arrival of the Europeans by whom it was heavily traded...

    QuitSmoking Tv Ads

    QuitSmoking Tv Ads from around the world, some funny and some not so funny. They are a good reminder to Stop Smoking.

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    About Us - The aim is to inform smokers whats happening in the area of nicotine addiction, the News, the Bans, the Damage

    Be a Quit Black Belt
    Kick The Habit

    Quit Smoking May 31st

    AUSTRALIA to go PLAIN on cigarette packets. Tobacco Giants not happy. Read about it now, Go To QSC Smoking News page



    Plain pack Law Passed

    November 2012

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    Quit Method

    Ex-Smokers, the Quit Method page is a great way that you can use The Quit Smoking Class to help other people, Kick the Habit.
    Got any Good Ideas?

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    Its Your Turn

    Have you ever lived with a smoker, what was it like? Share it. You now have a unique chance to tell your story to smokers - around the world. If you have non-smokers around you, tell them to come here and - LET IT OUT.

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    What Ex-Smokers
    Will $ave

    If You Give up Smoking You'll save a massive $7300 on average per year.

    The math : $20 a pack x 365 days, one pack a day = $7300 a year.

    NB: The Money Spent in the example above may be less or more than what you may be spending, due to various consumption levels of the tobacco product your addicted to.

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