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This quit smoking class site is about the Habit, about finding answers, its about research, like now, re-searching why we should quit. Check out the Tips to Live To 100. We are adding various smoking related Information all the time. The entire site Is a Quit Smoking Class. Always moving foward.

The QuitSmokingClass.com aim is to inform smokers whats happening in the area of nicotine addiction, the News, the Bans, the Damage, even the true accounts of how other smokers have kicked the habit. If you're looking to find ways to Kick the Habit for good, we hope you find somthing here on site that will help you, or someone you know. quit for good.

Some of the pictures on site are over the top, but they are important for you to see - again.

Look around the Quit Smoking Class site, get the facts that show quitting is the right choice. There's also plenty of ideas about how you can quit and interesting info gets added on a regular basis. You're also welcome to - Add a picture or story for others to see, In Here. Quit tips can be added by anyone, even you.

It may take some time and some effort to quit smoking, but millions of smokers have seen the effects from smoking and have already stopped. You Can Quit too. Believe me if your still reading this You should take a look around for quitsmoking insperation.


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