Cut down and quit

by Ron Watkins

SIR - Here's my contribution to the stop smoking campaign for those who may wish to give up smoking but haven't succeeded on the appointed day.
To give up smoking suddenly is a big shock to the system - particularly if you've been smoking for years.

So perhaps you could consider this method - give up smoking over a period of time - say six weeks.
If you have your first cigarette at nine in the morning and your last at 11 at night, change it to having your first cigarette at 10 in the morning and your last at 10 at night.
During the rest of the day you can smoke as many cigarettes as you like. In effect you stop smoking for two hours a day.
You keep this up for week one. Then on week two you have your first cigarette at 11 in the morning and your last at nine in the night.
Week three you smoke between noon and eight at night.
Week four between one and seven at night.
Week five between the hours of two and six.
Week six between three and five. The next week you give up smoking completely.

My method allows you to get used to the idea of giving up smoking gradually. The hours I've quoted are just guidelines. I can assure you that this method works. I gave up smoking forty years ago and haven't looked back.

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