Effects Of Smoking
& Oral Health

Health Problems of Smoking

Some of the oral effects of smoking are Gum disease, Tongue cancer, Stained teeth issues are all affiliated with smoking and yes there are others. The trick is to stop before it's too late. If you notice a change in your body, well you may be looseing the game, you know "of life". See a doctor and hope he does'nt say - i'm sorry but it's Game Over.

The damaging results of tobacco use on oral hygiene is well known.

The most significant burdens on the mouth are:

1 Oral cancers
2 Lesions that may lead to cancer
3 Increased chance of gum disease
4 Poor wound healing after surgery or extractions

Cancer of the tongue

Cancer of the tongue

Effects of Gum Disease

Outcomes of Gum Disease

Additional Issues of Smoking

Smokers are more likely to have:

A. Smokers breath
B. Stained teeth
C. Altered taste sensations
D. Premature ageing. All consequences of Smoking.

Premature Ageing

Premature Ageing

Benefits of Quitting

The health of your mouth, gums and teeth will improve if you stop smoking.
Your sense of taste and smell will improve.
You will feel fitter and won't run out of breath so easily.
Think of the money you will save that you can spend on other enjoyable things.

Healthy Smile

You Can Quit

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AUSTRALIA to go PLAIN on cigarette packets. Tobacco Giants not happy. Read about it now, Go To QSC Smoking News page

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What Ex-Smokers
Will $ave

If You Give up Smokimg You'll save a massive $5475 on average per year.

The math : $15 a pack x 365 days, one pack a day = $5475 a year.

NB:The Money Spent in the example above is conservitive/less than what you may be spending, due to various consumptiom levels of the tobacco product your addicted to.

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