Fatal Smoking Fire

New Details Released on Fatal Smoking Fire Inside Springfield Hospital A nurse used a fire extinguisher to put out fire on patient
February 24, 2011|By KSPR News

Springfield, Mo — On February 6, firefighters answered an alarm call at 1235 E. Cherokee. On the seventh floor of the hospital, firefighters say they found a burnt nasal tube and a burned blanket lying on the floor. The floor was covered in dry chemical fire extinguisher powder.

According to the fire incident report, firefighters found a scorch mark on the back of a chair and a book of matches on the table. It appeared to firefighters on the scene someone was sitting in the chair smoking while on oxygen.

Firefighters interviewed a hospital security officer that responded to the fire alarm. A nurse also entered the room with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. The nurse found Eileen Moorehouse, 64, sitting in the chair with flames around her face, neck and the blanket covering her.

According to the report, she told firefighters she was smoking while on oxygen.

Firefighters ruled the fire accident caused by careless smoking. Moorehouse was a cancer patient. She suffered second degree burns to her face, the back of her neck and her upper right arm. She was moved to the burn unit. On February 22, Moorehouse died from her injuries.

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