Live to 100: Seven Tips to Add Decades to your Lifespan

To Live to 100 you need to:

1)STAY ON THE MOVE: An energetic lifestyle can equal to 4 years for your existence and reduce your chance of stroke and cardiac arrest by 20%.

2) BUTT OUT: A 2004 study implies that giving up smoking at age range 30, 40, or 50 can extend your time on earth by 10, 9, or 6 years, correspondingly,

3) CONSERVE A HEALTHY WEIGHT: Keeping excess weight under control can also add 1.3 years to your existence.

4) EAT BETTER: Concentrate on variety. Research has shown that fruit flies which were given apple polyphenols daily resided 10% more than individuals that were not. Scientists speculate the finding carries to humans. Incorporate numerous recommended food groups to your foods as you possibly can, and give consideration to such things as quality and color-the better, the greater.

5) LOWER CHOLESTEROL LEVELS: Dietary fiber entirely grains and veggies might help decrease your arterial levels of cholesterol just like the omega-3 essential fatty acids present in seafood oil. U.K. studies have shown that keeping your levels of cholesterol under control together with your bloodstream pressure and never smoking may extend your lifespan by up to and including a decade.

6) MANAGE BLOODSTREAM PRESSURE: Controlling BP can reduce your risk for cardiac arrest and stroke by more than 25%. Take control today by reducing on sodium and alcohol whenever you can, a good way to help you, live to 100.

7) MONITOR DIABETES: If you are diabetic, look at your bloodstream sugar regularly--regardless of how annoying that pinprick towards the finger might be. And work on remaining lean. Shedding just 5% of the body weight might help delay results of the condition.

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