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Quit Smoking Hypnosis is a bit out there

Has anyone ever used hypnosis to quit smoking and did it work for you?

I have been smoking for 39 years. I have quit temporarily over the years but have always ended up smoking again. I really want to quit but I don't think that I can do it cold turkey. Has anyone out there used hypnosis with any success?

An acquaintance of mine tried it out and the hypnotist was unable to hypnotise him and gave up on him and told him that he was a resistant subject.

If hypnotism is to work you must be willing and wishing.

You can find further information in a web search for "hypnosis to quit smoking".

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Does hypnosis smoking work?Can you quit smoking this way?

so i was speaking with a friend and he suggested hypnosis smoking in order to quit smoking but i'm not really sure I want to try that...What do you think?

it can work, but don't go to the self-hypnosis seminars, I don't know anyone that has quit using this method. I have met people who have gone to a hypnotherapist who have quit. they do the hypnotizing and you don't do it yourself.

Yes, it works. I know lots of people that quit that way0

I recommend cutting down gradually until your quit date. I did this. I cut down to half a pack. I did this for three months. I smoked by the puff, not by the cigarette. I took only the amount of nicotine that was necessary to satisfy my urge to smoke and put the rest of the cigarette out.

After doing this for three months I quit cold turkey.

Now I'm eating more candy to distract me but its been 10 months. I have urges but they don't last more than a second or two. If they're lasting more than that then you're concentrating on the cigarette. Don't do it. Concentrate on something else.

Hypnosis is the most efficient way to change the programming in your subconscious mind. A computer only is able to act in the way it is programmed. Your mind is similar to a computer.




The key factor when considering quitting smoking is deciding whether you really want to quit. If you do there's lots of help out there. If you don't, then nothing is going to do the quitting for you...

Hypnosis helps some people to quit smoking. Research has shown that it is about as effective as other methods (such as nicotine replacement therapy or counselling). It has been found to be superior when compared to doing nothing (evidence here:



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Like many others I smoked when I was young but managed to kick the habit before I was totally hooked, I was lucky and suffered no damage to my health. But for a close friend it was different, even though she was only a moderate smoker, her health was being seriously affected and getting worse with time. Now this is where I really sympathize with smokers. She like many smokers knew the dangers and had genuinely tried many different ways to quit smoking. She tried patches, hypnosis and read several books on the subject of quitting, nothing had worked. She always ended back at square one, knowing she needed to quit, but how, nothing had a lasting effect. That was until she tried Smoke Deter.

So why am I telling this, because I played a small part in her success. You see I heard about Smoke Deter through my son, his best mate had quit smoking using Smoke Deter and I convinced my friend to try it. She was very skeptical, but I was so concerned about her health that I said that if it didn't work I would pay for it, so she had nothing to lose and that convinced her. That was a year and five months ago, it worked and she is no longer a smoker, she has never has the urge to smoke since she quit using Smoke Deter, that's a fact and it's the only product she tried that she's happy to tell others about.

Smoke Deter is an herbal based liquid oral spray that is used 3 times a day, this is also supplemented with herbal pills which when combined is very effective at reducing your nicotine cravings. How quickly it works depends on the extent of your habit, it can work as quickly as 2 weeks or may take 3 months, regardless of the time, your health is worth the effort to kick your smoking habit.

It's worth noting that Smoke Deter is safe, natural and has no known side effect and no known drug interactions. It's highly rated on many stop-smoking product review sites, often with genuine testimonials from people that have also kicked the smoking habit using it. So I am not the only one that knows Smoke Deter gets the desired result.

Smoke Deter also offers a lifetime free membership support program, so you are never on your own, help is available 24 hours a day if you feel the need, like if your resolve is weakening. There is also a free Stop Smoking Relaxation Audio MP3 available, it might not be for everybody but my friend said it was definitely a help to her, it changed the way she thought about smoking. That's what I like about Smoke Deter it changes your whole attitude to smoking, it works on your mind as well as your body. Unfortunately I've seen the damage smoking has done within my own family and also in my circle of friends, consequently I'm fully aware just how hard it is to stop smoking without some kind of help. I've seen first hand how Smoke Deter helped my friend quit smoking and so it's not surprising she can't say enough about it. So if this article brings Smoke Deter to your attention and as a result helps you kick the smoking habit, then for me writing about it has been worthwhile.

So if you've been wondering if these quit smoking products work, well I guess some do and some don't, but one that has my recommendation is Smoke Deter, I've personally seen it work when other methods failed. I'm happy to pass that information on so that others looking for a safe natural way to quit can try Smoke Deter if they wish.

If you would like more helpful information on Smoke Deter or other free quit smoking information, you may like to visit the source link below - It seems to confirm some of my comments and is dedicated to helping smokers improve their health, fitness and beat the smoking habit.



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